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The Next Best Practices

As a consultant, I’m used to identifying “best practice” models, as they are useful for clients to learn from the exemplary experience of others. So I was interested to see Beth Kanter mention “next practices” in her blog.  When it comes to technology, she’s right at the front of the line, especially relative to social media, so it’s not surprising that she’s latched onto the concept of crowd-sourcing and “next practices,” a subtle shift from our common thinking. A little research finds mention of “next practices” as far back as 2006, in an article by John R. Sullivan, now a professor of management at San Francisco State University. He focuses on the increasing speed of innovation and the need to look outside our core business to explore new models. And Saul Kaplan, the founder of the Business Innovation Factory, argues that “All leaders should spend more discretionary time outside of their industry, discipline, and sector…The big and important value-creating opportunities will most likely be found in the gray areas between the silos we inhabit.”

So many aspects of arts and culture are changing so rapidly that we often haven’t had time to sort out what the best practices are. We can learn from what others are trying, even before their approaches have been anointed as “best.” And as various fields and disciplines shift and merge, looking outside our usual range of comparatives could provide just the flash of strategic or tactical insight needed to move an organization forward. So while we still need to cultivate best practices, let’s keep a forward-looking eye to next practices.



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