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Obama Transition Policy

Some arts and culture leaders were elated when Barack Obama won the November 4th presidential election, in part because he was the first candidate in many years from either party to have an arts policy plank in his or her platform. Obama’s arts platform, which was developed with input from a national arts policy committee he formed, articulated his general positions on issues relating to arts education, NEA funding, cultural diplomacy, and health benefits and tax fairness for artists. Now, President-elect Obama is receiving friendly pressure from the arts community to make good on his promises to support the arts, despite the financial pressures on government resources. A consortium of 16 arts service organizations has submitted to the Office of Presidential Transition a detailed list of arts policy recommendations and related implementation strategies that they hope the Obama administration will follow. Regardless of how you voted, it is important for all arts and culture leaders to understand the impact the proposed arts policy recommendations would have if adopted, or not, by the new administration.

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