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More on Mergers and Collaboration

Although I hear that things are slowly improving in the economy, I know from my interactions with many nonprofits that the struggle is far from over.  Individual giving (except for extraordinary efforts like Haiti relief) is stagnant.  Foundations are still cutting programs, and governmental funding at the state and local levels is declining.  Organizations are fighting for survival, or making tough decisions about whether or not to survive at all.  As stories of hardship pile up, like this Wall Street Journal article from Feb. 2, more and more nonprofits are looking towards collaborations and mergers as viable strategies. We have previously addressed these issues in our Sounding Board and On Our Minds publications trying to focus a spotlight on the possibilities, challenges and problem-solving approaches to collaborations and partnerships. But, more work needs to be done to design and develop these delicate transitions, as economic forces inevitably reshape the sector.



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