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Management Systems for Artists

I was researching artist services for a client recently when I came upon a site called GYST-Ink, which offers just what I was looking for. What was most interesting to me was the very sophisticated “professional practice” software designed specifically for visual artists. From guidance on résumés and grant applications to to-do lists and inventory tracking, it offers an extensive array of features. I remembered back to 1984 when Tom Wolf, Pat Doran, and I did a book that explored computer applications for craftspeople. Other than calculating glaze formulas, there wasn’t much available. So, my curiosity piqued, I did a bit of work with Google and very quickly found several other packages available for visual artists – there’s ARTBASE and Artsystems Studio to name just two. And, for presenters, there’s Impressario. All this in a 15 minute web search! I suppose it’s not surprising that developers target artists for software solutions. Still, it’s yet another indication of our success at portraying artists as business people!

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