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Investing in Cultural Democracy

We at WolfBrown have been saddened to note the imminent passing of an organization with which we have had a long and happy acquaintance. As of April 1st the Fund for Folk Culture will close its office in Austin, Texas and cease to be. For 17 years FFC has sought to support the creation, conservation, innovation, and value of traditional folk arts and culture in community life, awarding over $5.8 million dollars to more than 430 individuals and organizations in 48 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and several islands in the Pacific. In doing so it was “life-giving” to a sector of the arts which itself is precarious – where traditional materials, such as those for basket weaving, for example, are endangered. The Fund’s demise is neither sudden, nor ill-planned: as Betsy Peterson, its most recent Executive Director, notes, it has come as the result of strategic planning undertaken a year ago. And doubtless we will witness the disappearance of other such valuable resources as the downsizing of our global economy continues to take its toll – but none will have left a sweeter legacy. See a final accounting of the Fund’s work before it, too, is gone!

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