Resource Development
WolfBrown works with organizations of all sizes and types to develop diversified and sustainable sources of contributed support.

Clients say to us, “Many of our board members feel uncomfortable asking people for money.”  We urge clients – staff, board members, volunteers, and others – to think about fund-raising from a different perspective.

At WolfBrown, we help clients develop a “culture of fund-raising” throughout the organization.  The culture grows out of a passion – for a cause, for the needs of a constituency, for an art form, for a place.  Staff, board, volunteers, and donors share that passion – that is why they spend their time and their money working on its behalf.

Fund-raising is about communicating and building relationships with people who care about the organization’s mission – board members, donors, members, audiences, volunteers, and clients.  In light of the challenges that nonprofits face in securing revenue, it is imperative to ensure that fund-raising and communication are effective, strategic, and efficient.