WolfBrown is a leading provider of qualitative and quantitative market research services to a wide range of cultural organizations. Our studies typically investigate several types of constituent groups, including ticket buyers, donors, prospective customers and other target populations. WolfBrown offers its clients a proprietary resource of survey and interview protocols, as well as a variety of innovative data gathering techniques developed and tested over many years. Our methods include:

• Audience and visitor surveys (postal, telephone, online, in-venue)
• Intercept surveys (door-to-door, site-specific)
• General population (non-user/prospect) studies (telephone, online)
• Focus groups and individual depth interviews
• Customer data file analysis, and geo-demographic segmentation
• Participatory research (client as researcher, consultant as facilitator)

For arts organizations interested in collecting patron feedback to measure the impact of their work, WolfBrown offers the Intrinsic Impact audience feedback program and reporting dashboard. Designed specifically with arts organizations in mind, this customizable program and data visualization tool is appropriate and affordable for theatres, symphonies, dance companies, museums, and presenters at every budget level. Visit the Intrinsic Impact website for more information.