Klarman Family Foundation
An Assessment of Youth Mastery of Classical Music
A goal of Boston’s Klarman Family Foundation is to see “all youth in Boston able to pursue continuous training in classical music to their highest level of interest and ability.” WolfBrown undertook a research project for the Foundation to explore the status of classical music training in Boston in order to recommend actions that would help accomplish the Foundation’s aspiration. The fundamental focus was on ensuring access to continuous music training opportunities for all Boston youth, regardless of how far they progress. To perform this assessment, the consultants conducted a literature review, online research, a review of results of surveys (conducted by others) of public, private, and parochial schools, a survey of youth music education providers, best practice research, and interviews with field experts. All of this resulted in a series of recommendations for future action.

Consultants: Thomas Wolf, Jennifer Chang, Jane Culbert
Year Complete: 2014
Category: Arts Education Research and Program Development