Scottsdale Cultural Council
WolfBrown consultants were originally hired by the City of Scottsdale to create a private, nonprofit Scottsdale Cultural Council through the merger of a City agency and several support organizations. They were brought back two decades later to conduct a comprehensive community cultural assessment in advance of a strategic plan. With a new president in place and a mandate from the City Council to produce a strategic plan, WolfBrown worked with the board, staff, and community to formulate vision, mission, values, strategic goals, action steps, and a five-year budget for the organization. Key to the process was a planning committee composed of board and staff members that provided leadership and guidance in support of new directions for the organization. Once completed, the SCC posted a summary of the plan on its web site for the entire community to review.

For other services WolfBrown has provided to the Scottsdale Cultural Council, see Cultural Engagement Research and Merger, Consolidation and Re-organization .

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