National Association for Olmsted Parks
The National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP) is a national organization that promotes the preservation of historic parks throughout the United States, especially those designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and his design firm. WolfBrown conducted a strategic planning process for NAOP in 2003 that led to the establishment of a partnership with the City Parks Alliance, making possible for the first time a professionally staffed office for both organizations. NAOP sought assistance to create a new strategic five-year plan to consider the future of the NAOP/CPA partnership and the priorities for NAOP in the context of its research, communications, educational, and organizational progress over the last five years. WolfBrown worked closely with the NAOP executive committee, conducted extensive interviewing of NAOP stakeholders and observers around the country, developed a discussion paper, and facilitated a day-long board retreat. A planning document emerged from this retreat detailing goals, objectives, and strategies, as well as resources that would be needed to accomplish the objectives and a staffing plan. The plan also catalyzed further constructive consideration of difficult organizational issues surrounding the future of the organizational partnership arrangements.

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