College of the Atlantic
College of the Atlantic engaged WolfBrown to provide a series of interlocking services — an organizational assessment, assistance on the creation of a strategic plan, and a capital campaign feasibility study. Consultants met with members of the faculty, staff, and board of trustees, as well as representatives of the alumni body. They facilitated retreats and focus groups with representatives of these constituencies and did follow-up interviews with a wide range of members of the community as well as current and prospective donors and funders. Based on the reports and plan the consultant presented, the College undertook a $20 million capital campaign, set up a permanent long-range planning committee, and began implementing the plan. Not long after — and in large measure because the College had done this work — the MacArthur Foundation invited the College to participate in a program for small, alternative education institutions and awarded it $750,000 — the largest grant in the college's history.

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