United Way of Central Indiana/Julian Center
A Financial/Fund Raising Assessment and Plan for A Social Service Organization
Responding to an invitation by a consortium of funders in Indianapolis in September of 2014, WolfBrown conducted a comprehensive assessment of the finances and fund raising of the Julian Center in Indianapolis, the largest domestic violence shelter organization in the state.  Working closely with both the staff and Board of the Center and the funder consortium, WolfBrown did an extensive analysis both of the historical financial track record and the systems in place to monitor and report financial information. This included reviewing financial systems and statements of the Julian Center going back in time in order to gain a full understanding of what had occurred as well as analyze trends over time. WolfBrown reported its findings and recommendations, all of which were accepted by both groups.

After completing this preliminary work and making its recommendations, WolfBrown was engaged by the funders for a second phase project to monitor implementation of its recommendations, including assistance and advice on financial and fund raising plans. WolfBrown’s period of monitoring and advising continued through January 2016 at which point most of its recommendations had been fully implemented and others were in process. 

In January 2019, the Julian Center was proud to announce that they are the recipient of a $1 million grant from the Lily Endowment to further strengthen the financial sustainability of the organization.

Completed: 2016
Consultants: Thomas Wolf, Jane Culbert
Category: Organizational Assessment, Financial Analysis and Business Planning